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First in Series Bundle

First in Series Bundle

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Journey through the enthralling first-in-series collection where love, adventure, and unexpected twists abound, from perilous encounters on a South Pacific cruise and life-altering secrets in a billionaire's world, to navigating the complexities of a haunted Irish castle in the Pacific Northwest and time-traveling to Victorian England. Each story in this bundle invites you into a world where dreams collide with reality, igniting passions and challenging characters to choose between their hearts and their dreams.

Main Tropes

  • Shipwreck Romance
  • Billionaire Romance
  • Victorian Time Travel
  • Christmas Romance
  • Ghost Story
  • Friends to Lovers


From perilous encounters on a South Pacific cruise and life-altering secrets in a billionaire's world, to navigating the complexities of a haunted Irish castle in the Pacific Northwest and time-traveling to Victorian England, find enchanting stories where characters must choose between love and dreams.

Intro Into Chapter One

From Against the Magic

Jem Taylor figured this trip home would either result in smooth sailing or swift sinking. He’d messed up rather spectacularly with Reese two years ago, so he expected the latter. Following the advice of his grandmother who’d always encouraged him to pursue his dreams, he’d decided to take her at her words: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Too bad gran hadn’t mentioned a sick feeling in the gut while out doing that venturing. But, he needed to see his family first and then seek out Reese.

Taking a deep breath, Jem strode toward the front porch. He didn’t recognize the SUV in the driveway. Either his dad or his sister Kaitlyn had a new car. Jem had barely put his foot on the top porch step when a squeal rang through the open window.

“Jem!” his sister’s voice shouted. “Mom, it’s Jem.”

The door burst open, and Kaitlyn launched herself into his arms. As he returned her embrace, he found himself at the center of a skirmish as his parents joined her in what
could only be called a giant group hug. Finally, his mother stepped back, wiping her eyes.

“Jamison Taylor, why didn’t you tell us you were coming?” she asked.

“Why didn’t you come two days ago?” Kaitlyn asked, her tone accusatory. “I came to your graduation, but you couldn’t make it to mine?”

“Give him room to breathe,” their father said. “You’ll make it so he never wants to come home again.”

He let them pull him into the house, knowing that he’d have to put up with the fussing before they would let him get a word in.

“Well, let’s get him inside.” His mother looked him up and down while tugging on his arm. “Didn’t they feed you on that Broadway play?”

His mother pestered Jem with questions but then never gave him a chance to answer any of them. His father took Jem’s backpack and set it down near the stairs to be taken up later. He smothered a grin, having forgotten about his father’s reputation for economy of movement. No point in making unnecessary trips up the stairs.

Kaitlyn and his mother went to the kitchen to work on the last preparations of the evening meal and left him to help his father set the table.

“Your sister has a point, you know,” his father finally said. “Why couldn’t you make it?”

“Didn’t Kate tell you? I sent her a text explaining. The other stage manager had an emergency appendectomy. I couldn’t get away.” Jem straightened the fork by the china plate. “I did want to be here. You know how tricky it can get to take time off during a run. That’s why I never promised to come.”

“I guess.” His father’s tone still carried disapproval.

Jem had already fought this battle and had no intention of being drawn into it again. If he hadn’t managed to get the attention of a retired local celebrity and garnered a
scholarship, Jem would have had to pay for his four years of theater school himself. His father had refused to help. The decision to go on the road with traveling Broadway play had nearly given the old man a stroke.

His father eyed him up and down, considering. “Even though we’ve talked every few days online, you look different in person. Older. More mature. You going out on tour again?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” Jem folded a napkin the way his mother liked them and placed it under the fork. “The director has a new project starting in the fall, and she said she’s interested in working with me again as her stage manager. I just don’t know if I want to be on the road for so long.”

“Your mother hates you being gone all the time, you know.” His father’s expression said that he agreed with his wife’s sentiments on the matter.

“Honey, can you come finish the platter?” Jem’s mother called.

His father left the table, and Kaitlyn came to take his place.

“Did I hear that right?” she asked. “You might go out again?”

“Not from you too,” Jem said, already weary. Why didn’t they realize he had to do what was best to further his career?

“Please don’t go away again.” Kaitlyn tugged at his arm and took on the little-girl whiny voice she’d used as a child, but the twinkle in her eyes told him she was teasing. “Mom missed you. Dad missed you. Even I missed you.”

A surge of affection for his teasing, irritating, charming little sister filled him, and Jem pulled her into a hug. She didn’t hesitate to encircle his waist with her arms. “I’ve missed you too, kiddo.” He pulled back and glanced down at her. “You know I did want to come to your graduation, right?”

“Well, I know the other stage manager didn’t rupture his appendix just to ruin my graduation experience.” The whining in Kaitlyn’s voice sounded real this time when she said, “I don’t know why you’re always so closed-mouthed about your travel plans, always showing up at the last minute. Without any notice. Even the one Christmas you made it here, we had no idea you were coming until you showed up at the door.”

“You know how Mom is.” Jem kept his voice low, his eyes darting to where his mother stood tossing a salad. “I didn’t want to set her up for disappointment if I couldn’t get away. Better to let it be a surprise.”

“All it did was drive us crazy,” Kaitlyn whispered. “Can’t you find work closer to home?”

“This is ready,” Mother said as she came out of the kitchen. “I hope you have a good appetite, Jem, because I’m going to fatten you up while you’re here.” She scrutinized him with a hard glare. “And how long might that be this time?”

“Let’s sit down, and we can talk about it over dinner.” His father put the platter with the meat, carrots, and potatoes beside the salad and other side dishes.

“Are you even listening, Jem?” Kaitlyn asked with an indignant scowl. “You just barely got here, and we’re already boring you to death?”

“You’re hardly boring me to death.” He pushed back a little from the table and stretched out his legs, clasping his hands behind his head. “I was just focusing on this amazing food. That’s the best food I’ve eaten since I was last home.” Kaitlyn and his parents watched him expectantly, and he remembered that he had zoned out for a few seconds. He straightened and rested his elbows on the table. “So,
while I was stuffing myself, what did I miss?”

“I’m going to England next week.” Kaitlyn practically squealed as she said the last two words. “I just wish it was possible to go back in time and actually experience Regency England. But we’ll come as close as we can. We already have a list of places we want to visit, so it’ll be as close as we can get while still being in the 21st century.”

“We?” Jem asked.

“Reese is coming too.” His sister shot him a knowing look.

Jem’s pulse sped up, both at the mention of Reese’s name and at the way his sister was watching him.

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