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Hiding with the Billionaire, #1

Hiding with the Billionaire, #1

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Two Hearts. One Threat. Zero Do-Overs.

Thrown into turmoil by her husband's murder and a haunting danger, Ahri seeks solace with her brother and his enigmatic business partner, Rafe Davis, CEO of REKD Gaming. As they navigate their evolving relationship amidst a backdrop of mystery and suspense, Rafe discovers in Ahri a puzzle that challenges his heart, shifting his priorities from career to something deeper. But as their bond deepens, a looming threat endangers their lives, testing whether their newfound love can triumph over adversity.

Main Tropes

  • Billionaire Romance
  • Workplace Romance
  • Friend's Sister Romance


Two Hearts. One Threat. Zero Do-Overs.

Ahri's world is turned upside down when her estranged husband warns her they are both in danger—and then flees. Desperate and alone, she seeks refuge with her brother, only to reel the the news of her husband’s murder. Realizing she can't let down her guard, Ahri assumes a new identity and accepts a job with her brother's intriguing business partner.

Rafe Davis, CEO of REKD Gaming, has always prioritized his career. But Ahri captivates him in a way no project ever has. She's a riddle wrapped in mystery, and he finds himself longing for more than just a professional relationship. As they grow closer, Rafe wonders if Ahri could be the missing piece his life has been lacking.

Yet, as Rafe finds increasingly creative ways to spend time with Ahri outside the office, a veiled menace continues to cast a shadow over their deepening connection. When their lives are suddenly threatened, will their unspoken love be the combo move that saves them, or will it be game over?

Intro Into Chapter One

In spite of the warmth of the Arizona spring, Ahri Meisner held her cold hands to her chest, fear battling frustration, as her husband frantically threw his clothes into a suitcase.

“What’s going on, Zed?” She kept her voice level. When he was like this, it never helped if she showed her emotions. “Where are you going this time?”

“It’s business.” He refused to look at her, which wasn’t a good sign and shot her anxiety even higher.

Ahri had never seen him so agitated before, and that was saying a lot, considering how Zed had been acting lately. What had he gotten himself into? She wished for the time when he’d have trusted her with it, when they’d first married. They’d told each other everything back then. The way he’d started pulling back from her had been gradual, subtle. She hadn’t recognized it until he’d taken the new job last year.

“Why won’t you tell me anything?” She stepped closer.

“It’s better if you don’t know.” Better if she didn’t know? She watched him grab his socks from his dresser and toss them into the suitcase. It was like she was staring at a stranger; she didn’t feel like she knew him at all anymore.

Last year, when he’d started working late or attending meetings out of town, she’d thought it was just the new job. She’d tried to get him to talk about what he was working on, but he would always turn secretive. Why? He was a certified public accountant. It wasn’t like she was asking for client information.

That had been when she’d first considered that there might be someone else. The thought had paralyzed her for a while. Was this what her mother had gone through, seeing the signs and watching her husband pull away from her, unable to do anything to stop it?

Finally, in desperation, Ahri’d asked Zed straight out if he was seeing someone else. He’d told her to stop being stupid. His response had been so indignant, so honest, that she’d believed him. The confrontation hadn’t stopped his secretiveness though or kept him from moving into the spare bedroom.

They’d stopped going out, both as a couple and individually with friends. It was like they existed in two bubbles within a bubble, excluded from anyone who’d once mattered to them and separated from each other.

With Zed out late at business meetings or away on business trips, she’d sat home alone as a distraction from her pathetic life and played the game her brother had helped create. The few friends she’d had left hadn’t been able to talk her into going out with them.

She’d floated in a kind of limbo, unable to fix her marriage but refusing to move out, not after what her father’s leaving had done to her mother. Once upon a time, Ahri and Zed had been friends, and friends didn’t run out on each other.

“Have you done something illegal?” she asked.

Zed zipped up the suitcase and faced her. Her throat went dry at the anguish in his expression.

“Please tell me,” she whispered.

“We’re done.” He picked up the bag, seeming to steel himself, determination closing him off from her with a finality so firm it was like he’d turned a key in a lock. “I’m leaving, and it’s not safe for you to stay here either.”

A cold chill went down Ahri’s spine. It seemed like she was standing on the edge of a cliff that had started crumbling underneath her, and she was about to plunge into the chasm below.

“Why do I need to go somewhere?”

“Will you stop asking stupid questions?” Zed shouted. “I told you it’s not safe. Can your mother take you?”

Take her, not stay with her. Ahri felt stupid, like her brain couldn’t make sense of his words. He wasn’t just going on a business trip; he was leaving her. How ironic since she’d been debating leaving him for six months.

“I can’t go to her,” she said, raising her voice for the first time. “Don’t you ever listen anymore? She moved back to Korea last month.”

“Call your brother then.” Zed didn’t spare the sneer he always used whenever he mentioned Kayn. “He’s got plenty of money to keep you safe.”

There was that word again. Safe.

“Zed, please. Are you okay?” She reached out to touch his arm, but he jerked away.

“Don’t you get it?” he hissed, the veins in his neck bulging and his expression crazed. “It’s over. We’re over.”

Ahri dropped her hand and stepped away. She bit back a bitter laugh. It’d been over from the moment he’d taken that new job.

“It’s been fun, but . . .” His words dropped off and he stared at her for a few seconds, his expression a myriad of emotions—sadness, regret, and something Ahri’d never seen there before. Fear. That was when she realized his hands were shaking as he walked away. Out of her life.

She didn’t know how long she stared at the quilt on his bed, rumpled from his frantic packing. Still numb, she walked into his bathroom. He’d been in such a hurry he hadn’t even taken his toothbrush.

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