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Huckleberry Falls Series Bundle

Huckleberry Falls Series Bundle

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Experience the magic of Christmas in Huckleberry Falls, where heartfelt romances unfold under the twinkling holiday lights, blending the warmth of love with the joy of the season. This series captures the essence of holiday spirit, featuring stories of lost loves rekindled, unexpected fatherhood embraced, and the discovery of love in the most unlikely places, all set against the charming backdrop of a small town's festive cheer.

Main Tropes

  • Widow Romance
  • Later in Life Romance
  • Surprise Child Romance


This series captures the essence of holiday spirit, featuring stories of lost loves rekindled, unexpected fatherhood embraced, and the discovery of love in the most unlikely places, all set against the charming backdrop of a small town's festive cheer.

Intro Into Chapter One

From Merry and the Gentleman

“He’s the handsomest man I’ve seen all season,” Trish Johnson said with a sigh. “He’s too young for me, but you should try to get his attention.”

It took all of Merry’s self-control to only give a weak smile and take another snip from the woman’s short white hair. The ladies who came into the La Chevelure Hair Salon were always trying to set Merry up, usually with visiting men they’d noticed around Huckleberry Falls. As a tourist destination, it turned out to be a lot.

“Merry Hurst, you listen to me,” Trish persisted. “He’s a real gentleman and offered me his arm to help me walk across the street. He had just a hint of an English accent. That’s just what you need, my dear, to go along with your mother’s dress business. A sophisticated man.” She wiggled her brows knowingly.

“I’m glad to hear he has manners.” Merry doubted the woman understood the inadvertent insult to Ray. Merry’s late husband had only been a rancher’s son. And a wonderful husband and father. She fluffed Trish’s hair one more time and asked, “How’s that?”

The woman gave an impatient sniff. “It’s perfect, as usual.”

Before she could talk about the man some more, Merry handed Trish a mirror and turned the chair around so she could see the back of her head. With Merry’s back to the wall, she faced Ellie’s station, and the corners of her friend’s mouth quirked up. Divorced a few months, she was getting used to people trying to set her up too.

Merry glanced out the wall of windows which had an amazing view of the Teton Mountains behind the town square. In her opinion, it was the best thing about the salon’s location. The owner did have a flair for creating an up-scale salon environment as well as styling hair, but she was a bear to work for.

“It’s fine.” Trish handed back the mirror. “I really want you to meet this man. I hear he’s not staying at one of the fancy hotels. He chose a room in Lizbeth and Bart’s bed-and-breakfast.”

“I do appreciate you looking out for me,” Merry said, undoing the cape on the woman’s shoulders. “But I’m really not in the market for another man.”

“It’ll have been two years in January, and little Alex needs a father in his life,” Trish insisted as she rose from the chair.

The woman’s comment hit one of Merry’s worries, and she bit back a retort. Her son was her life, and she understood all too well how much he missed his father and grandfather.

“Now don’t look at me like that. I have a hunch about this man and you.” Tapping her temple, Trish leaned closer and whispered, “I have an instinct for these things.”

“I appreciate your concern.” Merry indicated the front counter and headed that way.

“You’re too young to spend the rest of your life alone.” Trish followed her.

Merry knew the woman too well. If she didn’t put this to rest, the dear woman wouldn’t let it go.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” she teased.

Trish blinked in surprise. “Heavens, no. Why ever would you think that?”

“Because every man you’ve tried to set me up with is a visitor here. I’ve already told you I’m not moving out of Huckleberry Falls, so there’s no point in trying to match me up with a man who won’t stay here.” Merry ran the woman’s card through the machine. “We both know I have limited options, even if I were interested in marrying again. Which I’m not.”

Trish waved away the comment. “That’s the good thing. This gentleman is setting up a business here. And he’s so classy. Tall, dark, and handsome, and the most gorgeous brown eyes. And he wears nice clothes too.” She fanned herself and glanced back at Merry as she turned toward the door.

So much for discouraging her. That was the most effusive the woman had been about a man she wanted to set Merry up with.

She went back to her station to clean up. Trish had proclaimed herself Huckleberry Falls’ matchmaker. It was unfortunate the older woman had selected Merry as her next project.

Merry was checking her schedule when the salon owner stepped into the room.

“I need a couple of volunteers to help with the Festival of Trees in December.” Alice Smith’s gaze went to Merry first. “With so many visitors, it’s great advertising.”

“What’s involved?” another hairdresser asked. “We can’t cut hair there.”

“I’d like to showcase services we offer here besides hair,” Alice said, still looking at Merry. “Like nail art.”

Merry glanced at her own finger, which she’d painted with a fall leaf and knew immediately why her boss was looking at her. She’d gotten a bit of a reputation for doing artistic nails on the side. It was a fun outlet, but not something she wanted to do all the time.

“We don’t do nail art, though,” she said carefully.

“It’s a service I’d like the salon to offer, so I’ve reserved a booth for you. I’d like to have one of you other stylists do make-up for the ladies and face painting for the children.” Two other hairdressers asked questions, and Alice gave her attention to them.

Merry let out a slow breath. Alice hadn’t even asked if Merry would be available that day. The owner finished answering everyone’s questions and swept from the room.

Ellie frowned and met Merry’s gaze. Also a single parent, Ellie had to juggle work and family. She’d mentioned more than once wanting to someday own her own shop. It was times like this Merry agreed with her. Not that she’d do it herself, not while her son was young.

By the time Merry finished up her shift, her feet ached and her body itched. She stopped by her house for a quick shower to get rid of the hair. With Halloween in two days, she’d promised to take her son to the community center for the scarecrow-making event. She almost forgot the bag of canned goods for the food drive and had to run back in to grab them.

When Merry opened the door of the Happy Ducklings Daycare, she found her son waiting near the front counter with his new friend Grace. They’d only known each other a week and were already best buds. Merry couldn’t help smiling at the way they stood chattering away with each other, holding hands. It was the closest thing she’d ever seen of someone finding a kindred spirit.

Merry went to the counter to check her son out. “Hi, Millie,” she said to the owner who was handing Alex his jacket.

“Mama.” Alex grabbed it and ran to the half-door which kept children from coming into the reception area. He’d dragged Grace along with him. She raised a shy hand and waved.

“Good evening, Grace.” Merry waved back. The little girl’s curls were reminiscent of a young Shirley Temple. Merry wondered if the child’s mother had considered entering her daughter in the contest for Christmas fairy. Add some wings and glitter, and she’d be perfect.

“Can Grace come with us to build scarecrows?” Alex asked.

“Isn’t her family already going?”

Alex shook his head. “Please. She’s never been.”

The door opened behind them, and Merry glanced over her shoulder. A dark-haired man, wearing an expensive overcoat and shoes that screamed money, had entered, his attention focused on his phone.

“Papa!” Grace cried.

So, this was her father.

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