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Luck of the Billionaire, #2

Luck of the Billionaire, #2

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She's willing; he's wary. In a world of risks, will Kayn take the biggest gamble?

Billionaire Kayn Rafferty enlists Sona Rakan as a decoy to protect his sister, igniting an unexpected bond in the confines of his New York City penthouse. Later, they journey to Ireland for a charity wish fulfillment, united by a mission but divided by emotional scars. With the shadow of her grandmother’s impending mortality looming large, Sona faces a heart-wrenching decision. Should she wager her heart on a man who's never played for keeps?

Main Tropes

  • Billionaire Romance
  • Sworn off Relationships
  • Emotional Scars


She's willing; he's wary. In a world of risks, will Kayn take the biggest gamble?

Billionaire Kayn Rafferty has always prioritized family and work, a commitment intensified by his father’s abandonment. When his sister Ahri's life is threatened, he doesn’t hesitate to hire Sona Rakan as a decoy. He never anticipates finding her so captivating.

Secluded in Kayn’s New York penthouse, Sona navigates her own family complexities. She understands her role as Ahri's decoy is temporary, just like the magnetic attraction she feels for Kayn. But when the danger to his sister suddenly ends, he presents Sona with a unique opportunity—to help him with a charity project of a trip to Ireland that would also fulfill her dying grandmother's final wish. Sona sees a glimmer of hope and a chance to convince Kayn that some risks, like love, are worth taking.

As they journey to Ireland, they are united by a mission but divided by emotional scars. With the shadow of her grandmother’s impending mortality looming large, Sona faces a heart-wrenching decision. Should she wager her heart on a man who's never played for keeps?

Intro Into Chapter One

Kayn Rafferty, Vice President of Programming for REKD Gaming, entered the office and stopped, staring in horror. Cass, the very pregnant assistant to one of his business partners, sat clutching her huge belly, her face contorted. He did a quick scan of the room but saw no one. His pulse raced even faster.

“You’re not having your baby now are you?” he asked, moving to the phone on her desk.

She winced but shook her head. The mound under her hands contorted, making him feel a little queasy. Then it stopped, and she let out a breath.

“The Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger. You won’t have to deliver the baby today, Cayenne.”

Cass shot him a mischievous grin, waiting for him to respond to one of the ways people slaughtered the pronunciation of his name. Obviously she was fine if she was up to teasing him. He played along like he always did.

“You know it’s pronounced like cane and not like a hot pepper. Pretty soon you’re going to have the staff really calling me cayenne.” Kayn huffed out a breath, only partly disgusted. “If you knew how many of the new people here call me that, you wouldn’t feed it. It’s not my fault my mother liked unusual name spellings.”

“It’s not even Korean.”

“Nope. It’s just like my sister Ah—”

He cut off what he’d been about to say, and Cass shot him a considering look. It wasn’t the first time he’d almost blown his sister’s cover. Only a handful of people knew Ahri’s real identity. As much as he trusted Cass, she wasn’t one of the people who were “in the know,” at the demand of their head of security who was handling his sister’s protection. Kayn shrugged.

“There was a girl I went to school with whose name was spelled with so many vowels no one knew how to pronounce it until she told you. I hoped that once I got out of elementary school, people would stop razzing me about mine.”

“But it’s the look on your face every time I call you Cayenne that makes it worth it,” Cass said as she stood, arching her back.

“Can I bribe you to pronounce it like cane, the correct way?” Kayn arched his brows for emphasis. “I have plenty of money.”

“But Rafe is paying me to do it.” She’d said that a little louder, so he must be in.

“I heard that,” his partner called from his office. “I am not paying you to do that. Keep me out of it.”

Cass shot Kayn a smug glance as she did a couple of ticks in the air to show that she’d gotten them both.

“You’re so bad,” he said.

“I have to keep you all on your feet. Do you need Rafe?” She shot him an assessing glance and shook her head. “No. You look like you’re here for me.”

“I am.” Kayn pulled out her chair. “I’ve been thinking about setting up a new charity.”

“And you need me to help you with it.” Cass eased into the seat and pulled herself up to the desk.

“Yes, please.”

He already had several charities that he supported, but since someone had murdered his sister’s estranged husband, Kayn hadn’t been able to shake from his mind how tenuous life was. He wanted to do more, to make a difference, and he had the money to do it.

When the four Beta Boys, as they’d originally called themselves, had sold their first game and become billionaires, Kayn hadn’t anticipated the need to figure out what to do with his money. Having grown up a poor, mixed-race kid who’d had to work to help pay the family’s bills, he found he had an aversion to throwing money around like the rich jerks who’d tormented him in school. Charities had been a way to give back, and that had been enough. Until now.

“What do you have in mind?” Cass asked, her hands poised above the keyboard.

“Well,” Kayn sat in the chair across from her desk, “I’ve been wanting to do something for a while, but I didn’t know what exactly until last night.”

“What brought this on?” Rafe asked from his doorway.

Since she wasn’t in the know, Kayn had to be careful. With his sister using a different last name and training as Cass’s temporary replacement, he couldn’t tell her his most powerful motivation of all. The murder of his brother-in-law, worthless fool that he’d been, had wakened a sense of mortality in Kayn that he hadn’t been able to shake. He might have grown up in poor Phoenix neighborhoods, but they hadn’t been ghetto-poor. There’d been kids in school with that hopeless mentality, but Kayn had never known anyone personally who’d been murdered before.

“Have you heard about Danny’s mom?” he asked.

“I sent her flowers from all of you. She has cancer.” Cass glanced at Rafe who nodded.

Had cancer. Danny called a little while ago to say she died this morning. All he could talk about was how much she’d always wanted to visit Butchart Gardens. She’d talked about it since he was a little kid, but they’d never been able to afford it while she was raising her family, what with passports and all. He said they were planning to chip in to surprise her with a trip when she finished treatment.” Kayn ran a hand through his short hair, trying to swallow the lump in his throat.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Cass wiped at her eyes. “I’ll find out where to send flowers for the funeral.”

“She must have gone really fast,” Rafe said. “I’d barely heard his mother was sick.”

“They were keeping it low-key.” Kayn understood the surprise on his friend’s face. Rafe spent a lot of time getting to know their employees. It wasn’t often he didn’t hear about a family tragedy before anyone else. It made it easier to reach out to help when appropriate.

“And this has gotten you thinking of another endowment,” Rafe said. “What kind did you have in mind?”

“A bucket list fulfillment charity,” Kayn said, the pressure in his chest easing as he verbalized the idea.

The murder of his sister’s husband, who’d been younger than Kayn, had struck him in unexpected ways.

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