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Wildstone Romance Bundle

Wildstone Romance Bundle

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Hearts and Hopes: Finding Love Beyond Dreams

Wildstone: a place where every heartbeat echoes a story and every hope kindles a journey of love. Journey through paths of romance where the unexpected reveals the true magic of love.

Books in the Wildstone Romance Collection
  • Ghost of an Inheritance - Lia Savage is on a mission: remodel a castle and free its resident ghost. But working with old crush Coop Montgomery reignites her heart. Coop's dream anchors him to the castle, while Lia's pulls her away. Facing a ghost is one thing; facing a choice between love and dreams is another.
  • Saving the Firefighter - Trace longs for someone to share his life with. When an old crush reappears, he risks their friendship for a shot at something more. Meanwhile, Brooke seeks answers about her past. A shocking discovery leads her to Trace, but his issues threaten their growing relationship. Will their love endure?
  • Don’t Kiss the Princess - Love, loyalty, and a royal charade intertwine across two worlds, but will a daring game of pretend lead to an unexpected happily ever after?

Main Tropes

  • Second Chance Romance
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Royalty


Wildstone: a place where every
heartbeat echoes a story and every hope kindles a journey of love. Journey
through paths of romance where the unexpected reveals the true magic of love.

Intro Into Chapter One

“Xavier Heath Savage, are you even listening to me?”

“Hang on, Mom. I have to get this uploaded.” Heath glanced up from his laptop where he’d been making last-minute changes to the family’s business website while his mother talked. He clicked Save. “All right. Now you have my full attention.”

She visibly slumped in her chair, looking even wearier than she had two years ago when they’d first moved from California to Washington. Taking up residence in a transplanted Irish castle and maintaining their own village had been tough on all of them. His parents had grand goals for their historical theme park, but every new thing they came up with impacted his workload too.

“What’s wrong now?” Heath asked, grimacing that he’d added to her stress.

“You weren’t taking notes of my brilliant ideas, were you?” she asked with a groan.

Heath shook his head. “But to be fair, you didn’t say you wanted me to. Sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry.” His mother gave a self-deprecating chuckle. “You already do too much around here. I feel like we’re taking advantage of you.”

Heath’s tension ratcheted up a couple of notches. Would she feel betrayed if she knew he was in negotiations with REKD Gaming to work part-time for them as a programmer? He loved what he did here, especially working with his family, but he’d studied to do more than web design. Not that web design wasn’t a great career, but he’d always wanted to be a game designer.

“You’re gone again.” With a sigh, Heath’s mother pulled her chair closer to his and took his hand in that all-too-familiar way she had. “Something’s been on your mind the last few days. Is it Quinn? I’ve seen how you look at her sometimes.”

Heath winced mentally. He didn’t want to talk about his feelings for Quinn, but he wasn’t ready to fess up about his work negotiations either. Not yet, anyway. If REKD Gaming wasn’t willing to compromise and allow Heath to work for them remotely, there was no point in troubling his mother about it. Deflection would keep him from talking about either.

“It’s only that we have a lot going on right now with the Harvest Festival coming up,” Heath said. “No offense to your spa idea, but I don’t think it’s a good use of your time or mine to worry about something that might not happen.”

His mother pinched her lips for a second before she gave him a resigned sigh and released his hand.

“You’re absolutely right. Maybe that’s why I’m having such a hard time focusing on what I want to do about the spa. It’s not time.” She shot him a hard look. “But is that everything?”

“At the moment, yes.”

And it wasn’t even a lie, since his hopes might not turn into a reality any more than her spa idea. Besides, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Heath was nearly twenty-three years old making an important career decision, not a teen trying to sneak out at night. He woke his phone to check the time.

“I’ve got to get to my office. I’m supposed to meet with Lia about her cookbook.”

“Has she settled on a photographer?”

“Quinn, of course. Lia’s thrilled. I’m surprised she hasn’t mentioned it to you yet.”

Heath took care to keep his face turned away from his mother, who tended to see too much. Or read too much into things that could never be. The Savage Citadel was merely a stepping-stone for Quinn’s long-term goals. She wasn’t staying, and he wouldn’t leave.

“I like her. We’re lucky to have someone of Quinn’s caliber setting up shop here, even temporarily. I dread the day we’ll have to replace her. I’m glad she’s doing Lia’s cookbook photos.” His mother stood and shot him a sidelong glance, one he’d only seen when she had matchmaking on her mind. “So, you’ll be working with Quinn.”

“Well, I have to bounce.” Heath rose and picked up his laptop. “Talk to you later.”

He fled the room without a backward glance. It was safer to keep Quinn as a friend. He could still think she was cute with her shoulder-length red hair and hazel-green eyes and that dotting of freckles across her nose above those kissable lips—

Don’t go there.

He already knew about Quinn’s big dreams to travel the world as a photographer. The only reason she’d set up a shop in Wildstone and agreed to be the staff photographer at the Citadel was to help build her portfolio and set up potential high-profile clients. Like that famous New York talk show host who’d recently scheduled the entire Citadel for a family member’s June wedding next year.

Having a prestigious guest, especially if she gave them a good review, would be huge for their business. Heath hadn’t missed the gleam in Quinn’s eyes when they’d overheard his mother discussing it with the talk show host on the phone. Unless she brought in her own photographer, Quinn had a shot at the gig.

And a positive endorsement from someone famous meant Quinn wouldn’t remain in Wildstone long afterward. It’d be just the publicity an ambitious photographer would need to put her in the sights of other people who could afford to pay what she was worth.

The last thing he needed was his mother playing matchmaker with a woman who would be a risk to date. Heath was already into Quinn too much as it was. He had enough stress in his life right now. Thanks, but no thanks.

By the time Heath made it to his office, his twin sister, Lia, had already arrived.

“You look tired,” he said, slipping into his chair.

“I was about to tell you the same thing.”

He yawned, and they both laughed.

“I have never worked so hard or been so happy in my whole life.” Lia’s expression took on a dreaminess which meant she must be thinking about her husband. They’d been married a little over a year, and theirs had been the Citadel’s first wedding.

“There is certainly always something to do around here, that’s for sure.” His phone pinged with a text, and he glanced at it. It was from REKD Gaming. A spike of adrenaline stabbed him, and he spoke louder than he intended. “Hang on just a sec. I need to check this.”

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